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Password Managers

Introduction <top>




Desktops PDAs, Smart phones Comments











Palm OS other
1Password $39.95 Yes No No Yes no? Yes...   Probably the best PWM on Mac (Mar 2009)
ewallet $19.95 No Yes no Yes Yes Yes
  • Blackberry
  • U3 Flash Drives
Web Confidential $20 Yes Yes No no no Yes   A bit old, infrequent updates nowadays (Mar 2009)

Other: Blackberry, Symbian, ...

One comparison of multiple PWM we found: MacHackShack.com - switching to Mac- Review- 13 Mac OS X Password Managers, two that don't suck (a little bit out of date when still)



1Password vs Web Confidential <top>

Comparing 1Password - being evaluated - to Web Confidential - used for many years.

  1Password Web Confidential Comments
Product Info agilewebsolutions.com/... web-confidential.com  
Developer Agile Web Solutions Alco Blom No speciific site for Alco Blom; he seems to only promote his products by direct product-specific sites (e.g. web-confidential.com and ww.url-manager.com/.) Google Alco Blom.

Only Mac:

$39.95/single user


$20 for Mac

$20 for Win

$15 for Palm

1Password: license is per person and include all his/hers Macs - a great and very cost-effective solution (for users)!

Web Confidential: pricing from Kagi.

Platforms 1Password Web Confidential  
Mac OS X 10.4.11 or later 9.x, 10.x  

Yes, iPhone and

iPod Touch

don't think so

(not checked)

1Password: 'free for limited time' from Apple's iPhone App store.
Palm OS 4.0 or later


(Palm OS appl)




no app,

see note on sync



(MS Windows appl)

1P: Windows or Linux support. "We are not planning a full-blown Windows version of 1Password. What we will be doing, however, is enabling 1Password (on both Mac and iPhone/iPod touch) to sync with services like MobileMe and DropBox so that you can easily back up your data as well as access it from your Windows or Linux computer."

no app,

see note on sync

R&D 1Password Wed Confidential  
Version 2.9.11 3.8b4

As per Info (Command-I) for installed application.

Released 2009-03-06 2008-03-17
since today ~2 wks ago ~ 1 yr ago (This review per Sun 2009-03-22)
R&D frequent infrequent 1Password development is very much alive; Web Confidential seems more dead...
Application size 21.5 MB 4.9 MB  
Dev Web Site agilewebsolutions.com/... web-confidential.com General information about developers web site
Info, in general very good so-so


organization/structure very good so-so

1P: top navigation and menus stays in place (uses frames or advanced CSS)

WC: not as good, no frames/advanced CSS

Store good so-so WC: external, uses multiple different
  • Well-organized, easy to find:
    • manuals
    • FAQ
    • User forums
    • downloads
    • Video Tutorials(!)
  • Limited, has a section but not too much information
WC shows its age and that it is a one-man shop behind the product (Alco Blom).
General Use 1Password Wed Confidential  
Primarily how using

From within browser.

(Application isn't even

visible in list of open

applications. Nice!)

Application itself.

1P: adds a button - and toolbar - in web browsers and this is how accessing most commonly used features.

WC: from the application itself, limited integration with web browsers.

Starting 3 sec* 10 sec*

1Password starts significantly faster.

*) Times only to be seen relatively; on a specific Mac (Mini), with lots of applications running.

Find Cmd+F* Cmd+F, then Tab

1P: Default keyboard sequence is Cmd+Opt+F which conflict with Spotlight (...!). This is however easy to fix with System Preferences > Keyboard & Mouse. More info.

WC: Cmd+F moves to Find-field but then one has to press Tab to enter actual field for typing.



Windows Password Managers <top>


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