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Disk Utilities

Introduction <top>

Want To


Good Overview of Large Files
  • WhatSize, 1st choice
  • Baseline, 2nd choice
  • OmniDiskSweeper - basic, but FREE
WhatSize has most flexibility
See/Find What Changes Over Time
  • Baseline (only choice1)
Find Duplicates
  • Baseline (only choice1)
1 I.e. among the applications listed here.







Version/Release Info Comments




Baseline $20.00 v1.4.2 20081124 (mod) 8.6MB

More info: mildmanneredindustries.com/baseline.

MW review v1.4.2 Dec 08, rating 4/5

GrandPerspective Free v1.0 20081222 (mod) 1.3MB

open-source; only a visual graphical representation and one that neither is that easy to interpret nor that useful (as far as seen/understood so far)

– Not that useful

(MW rating: 4/5, v0.93 - MacWorld's Byte breakdown Apr'06.)



v1.7 20090224 (mod) 6.3MB

(1) Free since v1.7 Feb 2009 (was $15 prior)

+ Decent util (considering it's now Free) to get a good overview of large folders and files.

– No means to sort other than default (decending order size of folders/files).

More info: omnigroup.com/applications/omnidisksweeper.

(MW rating: 3.5/5, v1.5 - MacWorld's Byte breakdown Apr'06; NOTE: This rating was for the for-pay version.)

WhatSize $12.99 v(10.)4.5.1 20090317 (mod) 6.4MB

More info: id-design.com/software/whatsize.

(MW rating: 4/5, v10.3.9 (current per Apr09 is v(10.)4.5.1) - MacWorld's Byte breakdown Apr'06.)


The Top Five Mac Hard Drive, Diagnostic, and Repair Utilities, Feb 23, 2007 - http://www.peachpit.com/articles/article.aspx?p=693649

  1. Prosoft’s Data Rescue II - http://prosofteng.com/products/data_rescue.php -,
  2. Also by Prosoft, Drive Genius,
  3. MicroMat’s TechTool Pro,
  4. Alsoft’s DiskWarrior
  5. AppleJack is the only open source


Hyperbolic Software Tidy Up! ($39) http://www.hyperbolicsoftware.com/TidyUp.html




Side-by-Side <top>

Comparing 1Password - being evaluated - to Web Confidential - used for many years.


Mac OS X


Baseline OmdiDiskSweeper WhatSize Comments
Product Info Apple baseline omnidisksweeper whatsize  
Developer Apple mildmanneredindustries omnigroup id-design.com  
Pricing incl in OS





General comments ###  

Rather simple tool,

only lists size (but still better than Finder (10.5)),

no Find Duplicates, ...

Version 10.5.8 1.4.2 1.7 (i)

(i) = as per About information inside application

(m) = Modified time stamp as per Info (Command-I) for installed application.




2009-11-24 (m) 2009-02-24 (m) 2009-03-17 (m)
since today   ~5 months ago ~ 2 months ago ~ 1 month ago (This review per Fri 2009-04-17)
R&D ? ? ? ?  
Application size ? 8.6 MB 6.3 MB 6.4 MB  
General Use          
Primarily how using  

From within browser.

(Application isn't even

visible in list of open

applications. Nice!)

Application itself.  

1P: adds a button - and toolbar - in web browsers and this is how accessing most commonly used features.

WC: from the application itself, limited integration with web browsers.

Starting   3 sec* 10 sec*  

1Password starts significantly faster.

*) Times only to be seen relatively; on a specific Mac (Mini), with lots of applications running.



Baseline OmdiDiskSweeper WhatSize Comments
# Views 4






1:As Icons (Cmd-1)

2:As List (Cmd-2)

3:As Columns (Cmd-3)

4:As Cover Flow (Cmd-4)

1:List View (Cmd-1)

2:Columns View (Cmd-2)

3:Tree Map (Cmd-3)

4:Duplicates (Cmd-4)


1:Browser View (Cmd-1)

2:Outline View (Cmd-2)

3:Table View (Cmd-3)

4:BarChart View (Cmd-4)

5:PieChart View (Cmd-5)

List View, Outline View Yes (Cmd-2)

Yes (Cmd-1)

No Yes (Cmd-2)  
Table View No No No Yes (Cmd-3) (1) (1) Including pre-defined searches
Columns View Yes (Cmd-3) Yes (Cmd-2) Yes Yes (Cmd-1)  
Cover Flow View Yes (Cmd-4) No No No  
Tree Map No Yes (Cmd-3) (1) No No (1) Similar to GrandPerspective's (not in this table) view.
BarChart View No No No Yes (Cmd-4)  
PieChart View No No No Yes (Cmd-5)  
Duplicates View No Yes (Cmd-4) No No  

Find duplicates



(but quite slow)

No No  
Total space occupied by duplicates n/a No n/a n/a  
Delocalization No No No Yes (Cmd-6)  

Baselines, save state to see changes over time

No Yes No No

Can be quite useful when trying to find out what's eating space over time (like memory leaking applications)



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