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Good to Know

To Bring Checklist

Life jackets, safety

- We have at least 7 life jackets but if you have you personal and prefer this, by all means bring.

- Alcoholic beverages are ok but consider light variants, in plastic containers, and independently - bring lots of water.

- Sun protection!!! To Bring Checklist. See also Sun.

- Our directions to Safe Harbor Emerald Point, a.k.a. Emerald Point Marina
Address: 5973 Hiline Rd, Austin, TX 78734



No in/on-board and We nowadays DO have on-board plumbing but the older alternatives still also apply:

1a) Pee in Sea System (PiSS)
1b) Pee in Bucket System (PiBS)
2)   Poo Ashore (PoA)

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